February Online Auction of Standardbreds

January 30, 2021 0 By Sellhorse Admin

Held under the auspices of S.T.A.G.B.I

It’s almost time for entries to open for the second Online Sale of Standardbreds . After the initial success of our first sale, Sellhorse & Stagbi are excited to make further progress into bringing further sales events to the membership. With a pleasing initial uptake and bids flowing from across the UK and Ireland we look forward to an even better event this time around.

An entry form has been created to further simplify joining in with these events. You can find this at the very bottom of our drop down menu.

The wheels are also in motion as we commit to further sales in spring and autumn. Please see the schedule of dates below.

Supporting Harness Racing

Entry to the Standardbred Sale is free, any horses sold will incur a 5% Sellers Fee and a 5% Buyers fee (buyers fee capped to £250). However, as agreed earlier in they year,as an ongoing commitment to show support, STAGBI is pleased to announce that of this 10% Buyers/Sellers Fees, Sellhorse has honoured that 7% will be ring fenced and reinvested back into the harness racing industry. Thus, for example for a lot sold for £4,000, £280 will be returned as Sellhorse Race Sponsorship.

Entries will be made via Sellhorse by email, with sellers having the further option of purchasing a Pedigree Page direct from STAGBI. For more information on how Sellhorse works, please visit www.sellhorse.co.uk. Users can also register as buyers in readiness for the events.

Whilst traditional sales may always be some peoples first choice we are at a time of considerable change and getting to grips with the ‘new normal’ in everything we do. We will all need to adapt, adopt change and overcome. With that in mind we hope this sale will stand as a benchmark for what is possible to help us in future sales and sincerely hope that the membership will enjoy and join with us in embracing these sales, as we seek to offer an alternative and ensure the future of selling our Standardbred and Trotting Horses.

For more information please email info@standardbred.org or sellhorse@outlook.com